Tech in health care and the digital black bag

There is no shortage of burnout in the health care industry today, but “ridiculous optimist” Dr. David Butler thinks there is hope on the horizon. He expands on the concept of the “digital black bag” and how generative artificial intelligence and emerging technologies like ChatGPT can increase health care access, decrease physician burnout and improve health outcomes.
"Implementing large electronic health records, digital roadmaps, digital front doors, and all this technology has been a transformative process... We've invested heavily in digital to get patients access into their health systems - digital front doors, side doors, stage doors, even windows (no pun intended). So now, the digital infrastructures are like planes, the planes are landing, the doors are open and patients are showing up. However, they're showing up to burned out docs, burned out staff, staff that may be a bit overtaxed. Also we're realizing that patients actually have better tech than we do."
— David K. Butler, MD, FAMIA, Interim CMIO, Key Care


Podcast transcript (PDF, 193 KB)