Taking action on health equity: Six levers of transformation for hospitals

The landscape around health equity continues to evolve, and recent regulations and measures have been introduced to help address the issue, but what role can hospitals and health systems play in closing existing health equity gaps? Dr. Melissa Clarke sat down with two experts from the American Hospital Association (AHA), Joy Lewis and Akin Demehin, to explore equity-based best practices and actionable steps hospitals can take to strive toward greater health equity. 

“There has to be a broader societal acknowledgement that we have those amongst us who are less privileged and we need to be willing to share space with these individuals. We need to wrap our minds around the fact that equity does not need to be a zero-sum game where you're taking resources from one in order to benefit another, that we actually all do better when you have a lift all boats strategy.”
— Joy A. Lewis, MSW, MPH


Podcast transcript (PDF, 154 KB)