Improving outpatient outcomes with the right data at the right time

Outpatient procedures are growing in popularity due to cost effectiveness and convenience, and some procedures, like orthopedic surgery, are moving off the inpatient only list. How can we ensure the continued safety of these procedures outside of the hospital setting? Join our guest Miki Patterson, PhD as she describes how data from outpatient visits can be analyzed and applied to create time to care for clinicians and lead to cheaper, safer, more effective health care for patients.

“The bottom line: Every clinical person wants to do the best job. Knowledge is power. Not having this information I think is the hard thing. So getting the word out there, getting some clinical people look at it, understand it, see what it means to them. I think that's really where this is going to start.”
— Miki Patterson, product owner of the 3M™ Ambulatory Potentially Preventable Complications (AM-PPCs) software, 3M Health Information Systems


Podcast transcript (PDF, 151 KB)

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