The future is bright: Speech recognition and natural language understanding

Speech recognition technology has been around for longer than you might think. Discover how it has evolved and advanced over the years from Thomas Schaaf, principal research scientist at 3M HIS. He started his career in the speech recognition environment in the 1990s, working for companies like Amazon and Toshiba. Listen as he shares his insights into the future of the technology for health care and beyond.

“From my past experience, speech recognition did not always work as well as it does now. When we have doctor-patient conversations, it's in complicated situations in a complicated environment. And the output is also not what we want to create. It's not a word-by-word transcript. Right? We want to actually produce a clinical note. And I have to say, the recent developments make me very optimistic.”
— Thomas Schaaf, principal research scientist, 3M Health Information Systems


Podcast transcript (PDF, 122 KB)