More than grit: The tools for resilience

All of us have experienced challenges in our lives, and even trauma. How have these difficulties shaped your life and what did you learn from these experiences? For Allison Massari, navigating a life-altering accident and its aftermath has taught her many lessons and continues to inform her unique perspective on resilience and healing. Hear Allison’s story and don’t miss her full keynote at the 3M Client Experience Summit, May 22-25 in Atlanta. 

“Everyone who goes into health care truly has a desire to help people. You all are the givers. You go into this career path with a mission to care for people. But then, feeling so stretched with time constraints, stress, demand and all of the present systemic problems that need to be resolved — it's so natural to feel like, ‘Wow, I'm just not living that mission.’ But you are. It's in the little moments — the touch of a hand, the art of listening, just listening…the way you pay attention to how you look at someone, taking the time. It doesn’t have to take long, but those little moments are the big moments.”
— Allison Massari, visual artist, international keynote speaker, executive coach and entrepreneur


Podcast transcript (PDF, 173 KB)