Beyond the hype: Health care startups and venture capital

Interested in learning about health care startups and what they can bring to the table, but aren’t able to attend technology conferences? Look past the colorful booths and swag and dig into true health care innovation with Chelsea Plant, an investment manager with 3M Ventures. She provides key insight on what many of these companies are focused on for 2023 and beyond, discussing factors that go into a successful startup and a successful partnership.

"I feel like there's a few questions that I'm trying to keep front and center when initially meeting a startup that at least get us on the path to determining whether or not this could be the next big thing. So one of those is just, and again, these sounds simple, but is this a real and prevalent problem to solve, actually?"
— Chelsea Plant, investment manager, 3M Ventures


Podcast transcript (PDF, 143 KB)