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Why the future of health care is in the cloud

November 8, 2021 / By Mike Gooch

Many health care organizations have hesitated to adopt cloud-based applications due to a variety of issues including security, performance and productivity. However, thanks to technology advances, today’s cloud solutions offer […]

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Will the 40-hour work week be COVID-19’s next victim?

July 29, 2020 / By Desmond Bibby

Where does productivity come from? Broken down, its output divided by time. In other words, how much was produced over a certain amount of time. What is being produced is […]

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How are my numbers? Analyzing your CAC data – Part 2

February 17, 2016 / By Jason Mark

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of making valid data comparisons when trying to analyze the impact of computer-assisted coding. I used my own experience in charting my […]

Knowledge Lab Post

Case Study: Medical Imaging Physicians, Inc.

Medical Imaging Physicians in Dayton, Ohio was short on coding staff and constantly playing catch-up with their coding backlog. Learn how they solved the problem.