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MedPAC evaluation of readmission reduction program, no change in recommendations to Congress

Sept. 23, 2019 / By Gretchen Mills

MedPAC, the advisory commission to Congress for Medicare, presented its evaluation of the Medicare Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP) at the September meeting. The HRRP was enacted in 2010. In […]

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Data can show us many things, not all of them real…

March 13, 2019 / By Richard Fuller, MS

Modern Healthcare recently published another article questioning the utility of the CMS hospital readmission reduction program (HRRP). The article used as its basis two publications, the first of which returned […]

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An update on the Hospital Readmission Reduction program

Oct. 10, 2018 / By Richard Fuller, MS

At the end of September, CMS posted the latest round of data supporting the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program. This is the first year of compliance with the direction of the […]

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Will hospital peer grouping by patient socioeconomic status fix the Medicare HRRP or create new problems?

March 21, 2018 / By Richard Fuller, MS

In this blog, we return to how socioeconomic status is accounted for when measuring patient outcomes. We have actively participated in the debate on how to identify potentially preventable readmissions […]

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Just a little fender bender? How coding changes affect readmission scores

Oct. 12, 2016 / By Cheryl Manchenton, RN

So, that minor fender bender? When you take your car into the shop, sometimes there is much more damage under the fender than previously thought. Sometimes changes to the official […]

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Increasingly disproportionate penalties in the Medicare Hospital Readmission Reduction Program (HRRP)

March 18, 2016 / By Richard Fuller, MS, Norbert Goldfield, MD

We have discussed payment adjustment for readmission measures in previous blogs. In those blogs, we focused upon risk-adjustment, preventability and the need to account for socioeconomic status (SES) when necessary […]