Norbert Goldfield, MD

Medical Director, Clinical and Economic Research

Clinical and Economic Research, Value-based Health Care

Norbert Goldfield, MD, is medical director for 3M Health Information Systems. For over 20 years he has been responsible for implementing national and international payment systems linked to quality, with both public and private payers. Most recently, he has worked on practical implementation of payment systems for episodes of illness, the “medical home”, hospital readmissions and avoidable hospital complications. Dr. Goldfield is a board certified practicing internist, working two days a week at a community health center in Springfield MA, and is editor of the peer reviewed Journal of Ambulatory Care Management. He is on the board of directors of Health Care for All and serves as executive director of Healing Across the Divides, an organization that provides grants and technical advice to Israelis and Palestinians trying to improve health within a community framework.