Looking back at 2018: A coding analyst’s perspective

Dec. 27, 2018 / By Pamela Ewing, CPC

Where did the year go? December is almost over, and January is around the corner. It seems like we just welcomed in 2018. It was while doing a recap of my 2018 that the shape and content of this blog became clear.

Reflecting on the past year, the thing that really stood out for me was work. Not just my participation in my work, but all the contributors to my work. Did I express to you what a huge part you played in my 2018?

I’m very fortunate to have a job that challenges my intellect, promotes self-growth and one that I really enjoy. I have a manager who inspires and challenges the way I approach many professional projects, ideas and ways of problem-solving using team collaboration and the self-discovery of “I can be creative.” I work with a team of highly intelligent and creative people that never cease to amaze me. They are always ready to roll up their sleeves in order to tackle new projects and they continue to look for ways to improve the existing workflow.

Our clients have taught me the power of engagement and collaboration. I’ve learned techniques in strategic planning for a successful result, but I’ve also learned to recognize when it’s time to ask for advice and flexibility to change the plan.

This year also brought me a realization: To propel my professional growth and to grasp the nuances of being the best representative of the 3M product for my clients, I needed mentorship. I have a wonderful mentor who has shared her subject matter expertise and shown great restraint at times, after I asked the same question about three times (um… it could have been more than that). I still laugh when I remember the IM that started with…

Me: Hey there! Do you have time for a question? 

Mentor: Yes, UNLESS it is about Boilerplate(s).  

You have helped exponentially in my growth as a 360 Encompass analyst. Thank you for accepting the challenge of being my mentor.

I am glad that before ringing in the New Year, with all the new adventures and possibilities 2019 holds for me, I can take the time to stop, breathe, smile and reflect on all of YOU that made 2018 a very good year. Cheers to all!

Pamela Ewing, CPC, CLA, is a coding analyst for 3M Health Information Systems.