If you build it, they will come! Getting providers engaged with your CDI program

Nov. 5, 2018 / By Cheryl Manchenton, RN, Beth Wolf, MD

It is very easy to get aggravated with providers who do not appear to be engaged with CDI programs. But let’s hold on. Where should their focus be? Sorry, but it is not on the CDI program. Their focus needs to be on the patients and their care.

For those upset with me: Hold on!  I did not say it is an either/or. I am just saying it is completely understandable when their focus is not on CDI. So, are we building the right kind of baseball field that will encourage them to play ball?

Now that we have level set, what’s next? Showing them their provider response rates and agree rates is as effective as trying to motivate your star hitter using pitching stats.

We need to provide physicians with meaningful and actionable data. Query response rates and provider agree rates do not engage and motivate our providers. It isn’t like they don’t care about the hospital’s performance, but I believe that providers care exponentially more about the data that relates to their specific patients and especially their quality outcomes.

Changing our focus can result in real conversations and real solutions.

Join Dr. Beth Wolf and me for a 3M Quality Webinar where we will share success stories on how meaningful provider data and engagement strategies can result in real and positive outcomes.

Change the narrative and the conversation to meaningful data and the providers will come.

Cheryl Manchenton is a senior inpatient consultant and project manager for 3M Health Information Systems.