Confronting the opioid crisis

Addressing opioid addiction is one of the greatest challenges facing providers, who must walk a fine line between effective pain management and overprescribing addictive drugs. In this episode, Dr. Eugene Christian of Bon Secours Mercy Health System describes a new approach to solving the addiction crisis. By reforming opioid prescription practices, creating new, non-narcotic regimens that tackle pain, and tracking metrics across its health system, Bon Secours is guiding physicians through a workflow that promotes patient safety.

"Being able to calculate an overall opioid burden in the system—how many prescriptions were we writing? How big were those prescriptions and what types of dosages were attached to them?—by looking at these metrics, we were able to track the results of the things we were putting in place, like using our electronic health record to help our prescribers actually prescribe the proper dosages.”
— Eugene Christian, MD, Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health System