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Chana FeinbergChana Feinberg

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Capturing the true picture of patient complexity

Dec. 11, 2023 / By Chana Feinberg, RHIA

As a former director of clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and health information management (HIM), I know that the need for optimized sequencing of diagnosis codes on a claim within the […]

Chana FeinbergChana Feinberg

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Effective leadership goes beyond the numbers

June 7, 2023 / By Chana Feinberg, RHIA

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion with the ACDIS Leadership Council on April 14, 2023. The topic of discussion was, “Optimized Comprehensive CDI Programs.” A nationwide […]

TaraJo GillerlainTaraJo Gillerlain

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Can clinical documentation integrity specialists play a role in length of stay?

Feb. 15, 2023 / By TaraJo Gillerlain

Have you ever noticed how fashion trends make their way back around every few decades? The same thing happens with health care hot topics. Recently the topic of length of […]

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Close care documentation gaps — Expert tips for better quality reporting

Feb. 8, 2023 / By Jason Burke, Julie Salomon, BSN, RN

Health care has long been focused on delivering quality clinical care that results in positive patient outcomes. Unfortunately, clinical excellence is not always accurately captured in quality ratings and rankings […]

Juggy JagannathanJuggy Jagannathan

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AI talk: Balancing knowledge and neural models

July 8, 2022 / By V. “Juggy” Jagannathan, PhD

In this week’s blog, I explore the rationale behind using artificial intelligence (AI) that combines clinical knowledge and deep neural models in deploying health care solutions. Balancing knowledge and neural […]

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Three questions with Paul Whitaker: Shifting the dynamic of care and 2022 trends in revenue cycle and CDI

Nov. 4, 2021 / By Paul Whitaker, Kelli Christman

I sat down with the 3M Health Information Systems VP of CDI Paul Whitaker to talk about his unique background that led him to 3M HIS, how the pandemic has […]

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Back to basics: HCCs 101

April 30, 2021 / By Chris Berg, RHIA

Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) have been used in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) risk adjustment payment model since 2004. That’s 17 years! More and more HIM professionals […]

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Part 2: CMS announces new ICD-10-PCS codes to capture COVID-19 therapeutics

Aug. 3, 2020 / By Audrey Howard, RHIA, Beth Wolf, MD, Julie Salomon, BSN, RN, Sue Belley, RHIA

By now you are probably aware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued 12 new ICD-10-PCS procedure codes on July 30 for treatment of patients with COVID-19, […]

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What can we learn from baseball scoreboards to improve the revenue cycle?

July 8, 2020 / By Steve Austin

As a long-time product design and development professional, I am super excited to join the Inside Angle blogging team to explore topics around new  technology and automation in revenue cycle […]

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Clinical documentation integrity in the time of COVID-19

May 4, 2020 / By Julie Salomon, BSN, RN

The healthcare landscape has changed drastically over the last few months. How should a Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS) carry on while physicians are on the battlefield fighting an invisible, unpredictable […]