Divya Verma, RHIA

Compliance Analyst

ICD-10, Regulatory compliance

Divya Verma, RHIA, CCS, is a compliance analyst for the Medical Necessity and Compliance division within 3M Health Information Systems. For 9+ years at 3M HIS, her core work includes analyzing Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer medical policies to assist in developing and maintaining 3M Medical Necessity Database used by various healthcare providers. She is among the original team that translated Medicare National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) to ICD-10 under contract with CMS. She has also worked on original ICD-10 translation of coding compliance edits for inpatient health care claims (3M Audit Expert).

When not working, she relishes time with her husband and two sons. She likes hiking, biking, traveling and getting involved in community services and events.