Launching the Inside Angle Podcast: Discussions with healthcare thought leaders and innovators

Feb. 14, 2018 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to interact with thought leaders and innovators from across the spectrum of healthcare delivery in the U.S. Given the spiraling costs of health care, the outcomes gap when we’re compared to OECD countries (i.e. the first world countries of Europe), and the rather abysmal state of the healthcare workforce’s morale, it is very gratifying to find so many instances of brilliance, innovation and deep consideration of issues.

Inside Angle PodcastWhile I get to write about these instances, I believe that it is useful to hear directly from people doing interesting and valuable work. To that end, we are launching a podcast series: The Inside Angle Podcast.

In this series we will hear from people like Barb Johnston. As a nurse, she studied the impact of telemedicine as a way to better manage people in skilled nursing facilities. Her results led her to establish telemedicine networks in Australia and the United States and to guide telemedicine legislation for California and testify recently to the U.S. Congress for the policy changes needed to make these services more available to those who would benefit.

We hear from Dr. Paul Ciechanowski, Founder and CMO of Samepage – a company he started based on years of research on how we can improve outcomes for people with chronic conditions through the application of systematic case reviews.

I count myself very lucky to have the opportunity to meet people like Michael Barr, MD, Executive Vice President of NCQA and get to talk about the burdens and advancements in quality measurement. I’m confident that you will enjoy the opportunity to hear from these interesting people.

Listen to our first podcast episodes on the Inside Angle podcast page, or access them on iTunes or Spotify. We plan to post a new episode every few weeks.

I’m interested in discovering breakthroughs and brilliance that improves healthcare delivery and outcomes. If you have a story to share, send me your idea and contact information using our Inside Angle contact form

L. Gordon Moore, MD, is Senior Medical Director, Clinical Strategy and Value-based Care for 3M Health Information Systems.