A look back at popular blogs of 2019

Dec. 18, 2019

A big thank you to all Inside Angle readers! As we look ahead to 2020, we invite you to revisit some of our most popular blogs of 2019:

The Iron Triangle of Health Care: Access, cost and quality by Steve Delaronde

What does “Iron Triangle” mean in the context of health care? Steve Delaronde defines the concept and discusses the value of disruption in achieving multi-faceted, positive outcomes.

“E/M Final Rule: What your organization needs to do now” by Karla VonEschen

Learn how the new E/M guidelines may pose documentation and financial challenges in this blog from Karla VonEschen.

To lower readmission rates, focus on the intersection of cost and quality” by L. Gordon Moore, MD

Read about BayCare Health System’s data-centered approach to tackling the problem of high readmissions rates.

“Cycling across Iowa: Coding lessons from a week in the corn” by Rebecca Caux-Harry

Blogger Rebecca Caux-Harry cycled 427 miles through Iowa this summer. In this blog she uses ICD-10 codes to illustrate the perils of her journey.

“Physicians, EHRs and New York City cab drivers” by Steve Cantwell

Go on a wild cab ride through New York City with Steve Cantwell as he navigates not only the city streets but the many benefits and challenges of the EHR.