Lessons from organized crime for improving health care

When Dr. John Wasson was in medical school, he worked at an east coast resort that hosted well-known members of organized crime families. Reflecting back on this experience after a full career as a primary care physician and geriatrician, and as a member of the faculty at Dartmouth Medical School, Dr. Wasson sees lessons from organized crime that can be applied to a disorganized U.S. healthcare system: Don’t damage the host, protect the brand and adapt aggressively. How can we use these lessons to position the patient as the most important part of care delivery?

"I'm more frontline practical on all this, which is to say, 'Okay, let's report corruption. Let's clean that up, let's clean up our own house. Let's minimize non-standard care... Let's focus on this at the grassroots and build from there for a better system...'"
— John Wasson, MD, Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Dartmouth Medical School


“Insights from Organized Crime for Disorganized Medicine”