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Understanding the EAPG transition and its impact on payment

June 22, 2018 / By Shannon Garrison, MBA, MJ

How hospitals and physicians get paid is changing as the U.S. healthcare system transitions from volume-based to value-based care. Reimbursement methodologies need to allow for a plan to control costs, […]

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How does risk adjustment impact revenue in value-based programs?

Oct. 4, 2017 / By Becky Pelov

Accurate reimbursement is key to managing the Medicaid population, which tends to be higher risk and lower margin. This is increasingly important as plans move toward value-based payment and ask […]

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Risky business: Achieving value-based purchasing goals in New York State

April 14, 2017 / By Michael Keyes

I’ve spent much of the last few months traversing the State of New York speaking to our Medicaid MCOs about their strategies to reach the state’s value-based purchasing (VBP) goals. It’s […]