Becky Pelov


Value-based health care

Becky Pelov, a consultant with 3M Health Information Systems since 2015, has an array of experience in implementing services and solutions for payers in both the commercial and Medicaid sectors in response to the constantly evolving health care system.

Becky has been the consultant for Medicaid payers in New York State. This experience has allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the State’s Medicaid reimbursement methodology and 3M™ Clinical Risk Groups (3M CRGs). Becky’s knowledge of the 3M CRG methodology has given her a unique perspective on risk score optimization and she has provided several trainings on this topic. In addition to her New York Medicaid Managed Care experience, Becky has experience in leading the implementation and ongoing support of strategic initiatives, which has led to improved population health outcomes. She also supports all programs to ensure achievement and identity opportunities to meet shared goals.