Searching for better outcomes and lower costs: The challenges facing state Medicaid directors

State Medicaid agencies are under enormous pressure to reduce costs while maintaining quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries. In this podcast episode, Dr. Gordon Moore talks with Billy Millwee, former Texas Medicaid director and now consultant to Medicaid programs across the U.S. Mr. Millwee discusses his work to help state agencies understand value-based payment, pursue waivers, and address social determinants of health. Each state brings different ideas to the table. Which approach works best? By creating the right incentives, state Medicaids can bolster innovation to improve outcomes and lower costs.

"Spending is top-of-mind for any state program. Medicaid Directors are always under pressure to reduce costs, but also improve quality or improve access. So you're asked to do sometimes what feels to be almost an impossible task—control spending...but don't impact the care that we're delivering now."
— Billy Millwee