Meet our new Inside Angle podcast hosts: Dr. Melissa Clarke and Dr. Travis Bias

Introducing Dr. Melissa Clarke and Dr. Travis Bias, new hosts of the Inside Angle podcast! Dr. Clarke is senior medical director for health care transformation and health equity, and Dr. Bias is chief medical officer of the clinician solutions business at 3M Health Information Systems. In this episode, Melissa and Travis discuss everything from their time providing health care and training to physicians abroad, to how we can address physician burnout and incorporate technology to meaningfully impact care outcomes and payment models.

Each month Melissa and Travis will talk to industry experts about the challenges they face, what solutions they have tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Dr. Melissa Clarke: “We know that 20 percent of health outcomes are influenced by direct care that’s provided to the patient. Eighty percent is actually influenced by social drivers. Capturing those social drivers with accurate data is essential to the health care process.”

Dr. Travis Bias: “As a physician taking care of a population, I just want to be judged fairly for my performance. The risk adjustment allows for that. If I have a more complex population perhaps my expected outcomes should be different than a population that may be less complex. But that risk adjustment requires accurate documentation.”


Podcast episode transcript (PDF, 185 KB)