Bringing the consumer’s voice to health care

What are the fundamental drivers of high costs and low quality care in the U.S. health care system? In this episode, Sophia Tripoli, director of health care innovation at Families USA, describes her organization’s work on value initiatives that focus on re-orienting the health care system to deliver health. She also discusses forwarding consumer-focused policy agendas to improve health care delivery and payment systems.

“And what we saw during the COVID pandemic, and we continue to see, is really this amplification of all of these underlying fragmentations, all the fragmentations within the health care system that really have created a system where families, consumers, people can't afford their health care, they're getting dropped through the system, they're not getting the coordinated services that they need, their health, our health is not improving.”
— Sophia Tripoli, director of health care innovation, Families USA