Robert Plotkin Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin

Author, patent attorney, Blueshift IP

Robert Plotkin is an author and patent attorney at Blueshift IP. He is an MIT-educated computer scientist and engineer. He has used his combination of technical knowledge and two decades of patent law expertise to develop a unique proprietary process for obtaining strong, broad, and defensible patents that maximizes the sale value of the patents and the clients that own them, increases the likelihood of success when the patents are enforced against competitors, and increases the strength of the patents against attacks by competitors. Mr. Plotkin is also an innovator himself—he is a named inventor and owner of over 25 patents and patent applications.
In his two decades as a patent attorney specializing in software patents, Mr. Plotkin has obtained hundreds of patents for leading technology companies worldwide. His first law firm, Robert Plotkin, P.C., was recognized as a “Go-To Law Firm for Leading Technology Companies” by American Lawyer Media as a result of a survey of leading high-tech companies in the U.S. While at Blueshift IP, he was named an IP Trailblazer by the National Law Journal, putting him in an elite group of IP attorneys nationwide.