Meenal Raje

Coding Analyst

Coding and classification

Meenal Raje is a lead member of the Coding Analyst teams at 3M HIS. Her varied experience with the various aspects of the CodeRyte business and CAC application is an asset the coding analyst team is glad to have. She has developed and presents the Physician In –service program where we analyse the current user data for documentation improvement suggestions for appropriate CPT and ICD assignment the first time.

Meenal joined CoderRyte in 2007 as an Account Executive helping clients achieve their ROI and sharing the joy of assisting for a successful implementation of the application. She also served as a QA Manager for the CodeComplete unit before joining the Coding Analyst team. She started her medical coding career at Advocate Radiology in Powell, Ohio as a medical coder and continued to be the Medical Coding Manager and QA officer where she was an extensive user of the CodeRyte application.

She is a compulsive dancer and enjoys a fast pace; and when weather permits rides her bicycle through the extensive bike trails in her city. Though she disliked Chemistry in high school she is an active chemist experimenting cooking various cuisines of the world and enjoys mixing oil and watercolors on a canvas.