Krista Sontum Krista Sontum

Krista Sontum, RN, BSN

Clinical analyst

Clinical documentation integrity, Terminology standards and interoperability

Krista Sontum, RN, BSN, is a clinical analyst who received her Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Utah in 2005. Before joining the 3M team, Krista enjoyed her time working with patients in oncology, geriatrics and pediatrics. Krista also received her teaching license and taught high school classes in the career and technical education health care programs. As a clinical analyst with 3M on the health data dictionary (HDD) team, Krista works with the clinical content team on multiple clinical documentation integrity (CDI) projects including helping to onboard new customers, assisting as a clinical content coach and creating and maintaining content. She also works in terminology mapping projects, including SNOMED CT terminology mapping.