Jill Devrick

Product Solutions Advisor

Clinical documentation integrity

Jill Devrick is a product solutions advisor for 3M Health Information Systems, specializing in electronic healthcare documentation software solutions for 20 years. She currently serves as a product manager for 3M’s document creation platform. Jill earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration with healthcare certification from West Virginia University. She is a recent past president of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity’s (AHDI) National Leadership Board, and she has served on the Leadership Council of the HIMSS Health Story Project. Jill is an experienced industry speaker, having presented several times at both the AHDI and AHIMA national conventions.  She also provides input and writes articles for industry publications, including the 3M HIS Blog, AHDI’s Plexus journal, ADVANCE for Health Information Professionals and For the Record.

Jill admits that her career in healthcare documentation software began because she struck up a conversation with the right person at a wedding reception, but the rest of her 20-year journey has not been serendipity, but hard work and a passion for continuous improvement.