Gina Perna

Regional manager

Population health, Value-based health care

Gina Perna is a regional manager with the 3M Health Information Systems team working with state leaders across the Northeast to improve patient quality and manage cost in their policy design. She is a passionate client advocate who enjoys working to improve health outcomes in the U.S., focusing on whole-person care and the journey toward value-based care. Gina joined 3M over 7 years ago, initially working as a consultant leader, to support managed care organizations to navigate quality improvement programs, risk-based capitation agreements, and value-based care arrangements. 

Before joining 3M, Gina’s over 20 years of healthcare experience includes leading several strategic healthcare initiatives within managed care plans and government services. She is a dedicated leader, who actively supports 3M initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion while promoting equity across the organization. Gina has a master’s degree in health administration and a bachelor’s degree in sociology and economics from Union College and is a certified project manager located in New York.