Carole Cusack

Director of Client Engagement & Strategy

Value-based health care

Carole Cusack is the Director of Client Engagement & Strategy within 3M Health Information Systems.  She was previously Vice President of Consulting for 3M’s Population and Payment Solutions business where she led a team in the development of accountable care organizations and value-based purchasing initiatives for both payers and providers.  She also has worked with government agencies in the design and implementation of payment systems to align incentives and improve outcomes across the continuum of care.

Prior to her career with 3M, Ms. Cusack was the Vice President of Strategic Planning and Chief Financial Officer for the Northeast Division of Kaiser Permanente. Ms. Cusack has over thirty-five years of experience within the healthcare industry with in-depth knowledge of population health, risk management, rating/underwriting, strategic planning and large group practice management. Ms. Cusack’s financial management background also includes cost accounting for healthcare facilities, as well as designing payment for integrated delivery systems.