The benefits of implementing outpatient bundled payment

May 10, 2023 / By Dawn Weimar, RN

How easy is it to implement bundled payment? Depending on your team and key policy choices, easy is relative. You can avoid pitfalls and experience a relatively stress free, structured design process while coordinating with stakeholders if you:  

  1. Choose the correct payment method  
  2. Are guided by a reasoned voice of experience to anticipate key issues  
  3. Are supported by senior analytical staff  
  4. Document the process  
  5. Inform stakeholders and provide adequate lead time  

Your payment policy decisions can lay the groundwork to create the proper incentives for efficient care while protecting access for the sickest patients and case mix adjustment of reports.  

Intrigued? Learn more about the process and bundled payment for medical and behavioral health substance use disorder care here (PDF, 801 KB).

Dawn Weimar, RN, is regional director, state regulatory affairs for 3M Health Information Systems.