A look back at popular blogs of 2023

Dec. 6, 2023

As another year comes to a close, we reflect on the many issues, changes and challenges affecting health care. We’ve enjoyed sharing insights and points of view from our subject matter experts and want to highlight some of our most popular blogs from 2023 for you to revisit or share with others. 

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Risk adjustment: A look at version 28 2024 by Karla VonEschen 
Change is constant in health care. In this blog, Karla VonEschen explores notable updates to CMS’ 2024 risk adjustment model to keep and share what to do for a smooth transition. 

Biomechanical device placement and anterior instrumentation by Rhonda Talley 
In this Inside Angle blog, Rhonda Talley discusses the types of anterior instrumentation for spinal fusion and the appropriate CPT codes.  

Debunking myths in AI medical coding automation” by David Bacon 
There are misconceptions about AI technology regarding its application in health care automation. This David Bacon blog helps dispel some popular myths.  

Does value-based care need rebranding? by Steve Delaronde 
Is the term “value-based care” in need of a revamp? 3M’s Steve Delaronde shares his thoughts on why an update might be needed to better reflect its goals and relationship to patients. 

Shoulder to shoulder with social determinants of health: Four policy/regulatory updates you may have missed by Michelle Badore 
Keeping up to date with social determinants of health (SDoH) updates can feel like an uphill battle. We’ve got you covered. Explore SDoH policy and regulatory updates you may have missed. 

ICD-11: The future of diagnosis coding by Karla VonEschen 
ICD-11 is on the horizon for coders, with updates and unique details to remember. In this blog, we explore upcoming changes and steps organizations can consider in preparation for the transition. 

Cheers to 40 years! Celebrating four decades of 3M Health Information Systems 
Take a journey with us on this Inside Angle series featuring some of our long-serving 3Mers as they share their favorite memories, stories and reflections on the last 40 years of 3M HIS.