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Juggy JagannathanJuggy Jagannathan

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AI talk: Digital mask

Sept. 23, 2022 / By V. “Juggy” Jagannathan, PhD

Digital mask  I saw a fascinating new research study published this week. The theme of the research is how to protect patient’s facial images and video in the context of […]

Travis BiasTravis Bias

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Digital empathy in the time of telemedicine

July 20, 2022 / By Travis Bias, DO, MPH, FAAFP

In February 2020, less than one percent of all patient-physician visits were conducted via telemedicine. Within about six weeks, 32 percent thanks to the initial COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders. Health […]

Felisha BochantinFelisha Bochantin

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Global best practices for telehealth [Part 1 of 3]

May 16, 2022 / By Felisha Bochantin

Widespread telehealth implementation has created specific global disconnects that require resolution. In this blog series, I will address these issues and discuss best practices associated with the implementation of telemedicine. […]

Travis BiasTravis Bias

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Transforming health care with UX design

May 12, 2022 / By Travis Bias, DO, MPH, FAAFP

It is an honor to co-host the Inside Angle podcast alongside Dr. Melissa Clarke. In our first episode, we introduced ourselves to the Inside Angle community. And now, it is […]

Adam RothschildAdam Rothschild

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Principles of technology enabled medical practice

April 27, 2022 / By Adam Rothschild, MD

I split my working time between practicing family medicine and helping to develop virtual health care technology. My work on this technology allows me to bring into reality some ideas […]

Juggy JagannathanJuggy Jagannathan

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AI Talk: Metaverse and health care

April 8, 2022 / By V. “Juggy” Jagannathan, PhD

Last month I saw an excellent article in Time Magazine by Sasha Brodsky about how virtual reality is changing health care. The thrust of the article was that virtual reality […]

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3M CES 2021: What does the future of health care look like?

July 20, 2021 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

Best selling author, inventor and technologist Nick Webb describes the trends he sees that are disrupting the current state of health care. He says our previous changes have been too […]

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The way we pay for health care in the U.S. is irrational

July 7, 2021 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

As early as 1992, JAMA published a randomized control trial (gold standard for studies of impact) of telephone care. Patients liked it, doctors liked it, outcomes improved and costs went […]

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Health care financing is out of date: Large employers must put their weight behind needed changes

April 9, 2021 / By L. Gordon Moore, MD

Health care payment is about how we write the checks. Health care finance is about how we design the way money flows.  We’re living in a system built by good […]

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What is digital health literacy and how is COVID-19 exposing another health inequity?

March 3, 2021 / By Steve Delaronde

Health equity exists when all persons have the opportunity to be healthy, regardless of social, economic, demographic or geographic status. Digital health literacy is the ability to access, understand and […]

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Telemedicine: Here to stay?

Oct. 19, 2020 / By Katie Patterson, CPC

Pre-COVID-19, telemedicine was thought by many to be an option of convenience. COVID-19 has made it our main line of communication with physicians. Experts predict there will be more than […]

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Unprecedented collaboration brings hope in a harsh time

Oct. 5, 2020 / By Steve Cantwell

COVID-19 will have a profound and permanent impact on how we interact with other people and with the world at large. This really hit home to me a month ago. […]