Lowering readmission rates by breaking down silos

In 2016, BayCare Health System took on its high readmission rates by launching seven different programs to lower readmissions. The problem? The programs were in silos, so overall results didn’t meet objectives. In this episode, Teri Sholder, BayCare Health Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, describes how the BayCare team used data analytics to break down silos and consolidate initiatives into “power combos” that help BayCare Health better achieve its goal of reducing readmissions.
"We all talk about being patient-centric, right? Being able to identify a patient's needs is truly a patient-centric approach. And we can't forget the caregivers. We need to make sure we're meeting their needs as well."
— Teri Sholder


BayCare Health

Identify potentially preventable readmissions using powerful clinical grouping logic.