From science fiction to reality: Speech recognition evolution

In this episode, AI evangelist Juggy Jagannathan, PhD, discusses the advancement of speech recognition technology with Detlef Koll, global vice president of research and development at 3M Health Information Systems. Travel along the timeline of speech recognition history, starting with isolated word speech recognition all the way to continuous word speech recognition and automatic transcription technologies that create time to care for physicians.

“…as we continued playing with the technology, we came to the conviction that eventually this technology is good enough to actually automate what a scribe can do. Actually in 2016, we pitched this as a vision to our board of directors and convinced them that this is the future. We didn't tell them a timeline. So it was a little bit science fiction in 2016, but it was clear that eventually the market would move in this direction. So that's when we started. It is reality now.”
— Detlef Koll, Vice president global R&D, 3M Health Information Systems


Podcast transcript (PDF, 161 KB)