A key solution to health care costs and quality is staring us in the face

When U.S. business leaders noticed that their employees in other countries were getting better care and outcomes for less cost than in the U.S., they knew something needed to change. Enter the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to sharing best practices to support the growth of high performing primary care. Ann Greiner, president and CEO of the PCC, describes the organization’s work and commitment to finding a solution to the current state of primary care in the U.S.

“What I really think we need is a payment system that is agnostic as to how you get your care, because it may be appropriate to come into the office or it's a quick touch over e-mail or it's a telehealth visit because it's ongoing management of a chronic condition. We really need a system that doesn't care how the care is delivered, but really wants to support the care that's most appropriate.”
— Ann Greiner