Herb Fillmore

Senior Director, Market Development, Populations and Payment Solutions

Population health, Value-based health care

Herb Fillmore is senior director, market development for Populations and Payment Solutions at 3M Health Information Systems. He has over 30 years of experience developing, delivering, and evaluating innovative healthcare solutions for all populations. Herb has led major statewide and regional healthcare financial transformation efforts, implemented new models of community-based long term care, and directed the startup and operations of a special needs managed care plan. He is an inventor and thought leader in quality measurement and its application in accountable care as well as in the design and introduction of new models for integrating medical and long-term care services and supports in statewide change system efforts.

Herb likes to brave calm waters on his paddle board and frozen Northeastern slopes on his skis. He took up skiing late in life at his children’s insistence, despite the fact that, initially, he didn’t like heights or going fast on sticks.